Jazz-minh Moore On Her New Series



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Jazz-minh Moore sent us these photos from her studio. She recently returned from driving all over the country and is working on a Road Trip series. We asked Moore to send us some thoughts after her trip and she sent us this stream of consciousness:

“The feeling of complete freedom is really expansive: being outside Joshua Tree, on an off-road sandy shrubby road through the desert, hidden off the freeway, no cell phone reception, no internet, no tracking, sitting on a crate in the sun, examining a cactus that I’ve never seen before, a boy plucking on a mandolin nearby. No-one knows exactly where you are. The air feels light and clear of electromagnetic buzz. I’ve always loved being on cross-country flights for the same reason. You are no-where and so there is this expansive feeling of being dis-entrenched in all the dramas of community living. Simple and alive and free.”

Paradise with a Limp


LO SE MON, 2014 Collage, printed matter on canvas


Paradise with a Limp, 2014 collage, printed matter and drawing on Toile, paper

Austrian artist Gabi Trinkaus unravels our obsession with perfection and superficiality to expose the depths of societal misconceptions. Her oversized works appear as photographic flawlessness from a distance yet, on closer examination one is confronted with intriguing layers that reveal cracks in this illusion. Trinkaus’ medium of choice, snippets culled from glossy lifestyle magazines collaged over idyllic Toile de Jouy, underscore her concept. Exploring society’s preoccupation with mass media’s “sales pitch” of the perfect life available if only one would buy a certain product, the Artist realized no material would provide a more transparent explanation to her intended criticism than the actual magazine paper itself.  Paradise with a Limp is now on display at the gallery through June 28, 2014.


For a video showing how Gabi Trinkaus makes her works, click here.

Beth Lipman at the Ringling Museum of Art


Beth Lipman – Crib and Cradle, 2014 at the Ringling Museum of Art

Beth Lipman has installed two new works, in addition to Sideboard with Blue China, as part of her “Precarious Possessions” exhibition tour now on display at the Ringling Museum of Art.  On the occasion of the opening the Herald Tribune published an article about the installation and Lipman’s work:

“In this piece I’m combining things we desire and consume with a portrait of the human body,” said Lipman, a Wisconsin-based artist whose interest in glass goes back to summer camp when she was 14 years old and blew glass for the first time.

[Ringling Museum Curator of Contemporary and Modern Art Matthew] McLendon came to Lipman’s work through her New York gallery and agent, Claire Oliver.

“When Claire exhibited ‘Sideboard with Blue China,’ she said you have to come see this,” McLendon said. “She’s working off a Victorian visual vocabulary. Victorians were the great material collectors of the world. But this has a twist. All of this modeling is human organs; the material possession becomes the embodiment of our selves.”

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